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Late Late's Eurosong row is a box office hit with 1.3m viewers


SPAT: Linda Martin and Billy McGuinness argue on the show

SPAT: Linda Martin and Billy McGuinness argue on the show

SPAT: Linda Martin and Billy McGuinness argue on the show

The sight of Linda Martin taking Billy McGuinness to task on live TV proved essential viewing for the Irish public as 1.3m people tuned in on the night.

RTE has emerged as the real winner out of last Friday's spat between the former Eurovision winner and the Aslan guitarist, with massive numbers tuning in to see the Late Late Show. An average of 686,000 people – or half the available audience – watched the drama unfold live on Ryan Tubridy's Friday night chat show.

And the big hits didn't stop there – the YouTube clip of Linda and Billy arguing has clocked up more than 151,000 views on the site.

Twitter went into overdrive during the Euro song special, which saw Linda branding Billy an "odious little man" after he claimed she shouldn't be sitting on the judging panel. The irate singer jumped out of her seat and approached him in the audience as things heated up between the pair.

Addressing McGuinness, she said: "You may not be used to dealing with women with brains, but I have a brain." When escorted back to her seat by Tubridy, an irate Martin shouted "gobsh*te" before composing herself.


The stand-up row overshadowed the selection process that saw the group Can-Lin chosen as Ireland's entry to this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Meanwhile, the act have told RTE bosses that they want to stay true to last week's performance and will not be ditching their Irish dancers.

Featuring ex-Wonderland singer Kasey Smith, they were in Montrose studios this week to finalise preparations ahead of their journey to Copenhagen in May.