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Late Late lockdown over 1D fans frenzy

RTE was on lockdown with the highest level of security ever when pop superstars One Direction were interviewed on The Late Late Show.

Irish 1D singer Niall Horan is recovering from a knee operation and security at Montrose was leaving nothing to chance.

RTE security insisted the band sneak into the TV studio through a back entrance last night to avoid crowds of fans.

The Mullingar native and his four bandmates were in Dublin for two days this week and painted the town red on Thursday night.

But Niall said that they have curbed their partying ways. "I think we have some common sense that we have to get up early tomorrow, so don't go too hard," he said.

Niall said that he was forced to use crutches due to an injury, but dismissed reports that he had been attacked by a squirrel.

"I have a recurring knee injury from playing football," he told Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show. "It is operation time for me."

And he admitted he misses his granny's special dish of cabbage, mash and turnip when he is travelling around the world.

Meanwhile, hordes of fans were devastated when the five lads failed to do a meet and greet after their appearance on the Late Late.

"This is the highest level of security we've ever had on The Late Late," an RTE representative told the Herald.

"We were worried that things would get chaotic if the boys met the fans."

"The barriers simply are not strong enough," the insider added.

Fans had been waited in the freezing cold for hours chanting lyrics and screaming for the boys.

They had spent the day promoting their single Live While We're Young.

Earlier that day they hiked out to Ballymount to TV3's new HD studio where they were interviewed by Glenda Gilson for Xpose.

"It was great having them in," Glenda told the Herald. "They were fantastic first guests to have in the new studio. They seemed a little ropey. I think their night out in Lillie's had caught up with them."


The 31-year-old model said she quizzed the boys about their night on the tiles. "I asked them if they had hooked up with any Irish girls," she said. "I asked all the lads and when I asked Niall he said 'Of course not. You didn't show up'. He's very cheeky."

But Glenda and the boys won't be hitting the tiles tonight.

"I didn't join them last night and I won't be heading out with them tonight. They're flying straight back out after the Late Late."

Niall has already denied rumours that he is currently dating X Factor judge Demi Lovato.

"No, no, that's not true," the Mullingar native said. "We're just friends. We have a laugh together. Demi Tomato -- that's what I call her, it's my nickname for her."