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Last vestige of Gerry dumped from Tubs show

THE revamp of Ryan Tubridy's troubled 2fm show is underway.

And first to go is the section which won legions of housewife fans. Yes, the newspaper review that Gerry carried off with such aplomb at the start of every show is being thrown on the scrapheap.

Of course, Gerry loved media, stories of every hue, and wasn't snooty about the tabloid issues which had everyone talking.

His successor however has failed to embrace the segment - maybe it's his much vaunted love of privacy which makes him less interested in the rough and tumble of news.


One way or another, the segment we all associated with the much-loved Gerry has been axed.

Instead, Tubridy will reference newspapers and their stories throughout the show, insiders confided.

It's just the first move in a total revamp of the show to stop the haemorrhage of housewives to local radio.

Bosses at 2fm are confident that the appointment of new producer Paul Russell will yield the necessary results, and woo back some of Gerry's loyal audience.

The slot, which is 2fm's most lucrative, has lost some 100,000 listeners since the broadcaster's tragic and untimely death last year. With just 186,000 listeners tuning in to hear Tubridy's show, producers are facing an uphill battle.

"Now that the show is under new producer Paul Russell, things are about to change," said an insider. People should be expecting a lot of new things.

"There will definitely be a lot of changes in the coming weeks," the source revealed.

The axing of the newspaper segment, which saw the presenter look at the daily papers and discuss the headlines, occurred last week.

However, radio insiders say the newspapers and their stories will still be discussed, but at different times throughout the show.

"Don't worry, Ryan will still be reading through the papers and doing that part of the show, but it's going to be done in a different way from now on, like a lot of other aspects of the show," a spokesperson revealed.

Although the new style has yet to be unveiled, it's thought producers want to give the show a complete makeover.

"It's clear to them that Ryan can't be the problem. He got such a great response from the BBC when he took over Graham Norton's radio show, so the team behind the 2fm just want to change things around, give the show a new feel, really put Ryan's mark on it," an insider said.

"It's about time for a change and with Paul on board now, there's no time like the present," they added.

Despite receiving low ratings in his native country, London producers in the BBC have said he is the perfect radio host.

"He did a great job. He is warm, witty and intelligent, exactly what the Radio 2 audience loves and that resulted in a huge response to the show," said BBC producer Lewis Carnie.