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Larry Mullen lays Bono bare as Gogan produces pure radio gold

There was a lot of soul searching on the radio during the past week. But eventually Gerry Ryan and Ryan Tubridy came down from their ivory towers to accept the pay cut on their massive six-figure salaries.

And while all this 'will they, won't they' drama was unfolding out in Montrose, one RTE institution was proving a little dignity and a lot less fuss is what true radio legends are made of.

Larry Gogan is quickly approaching his 71st birthday and although he is now confined to the weekends on 2FM he can still teach his peers a thing or two.

On Sunday, while the world was foaming at the mouth over the new U2 album, Larry calmly sat with Larry Mullen to give an insight into the band from behind the drum kit. Mullen first explained how the seeds of the new album began with him entering the studio alone laying down some drum tracks and sending them on a "postcard" to the Edge, who was on a different continent. While this was happening "Bono was away and, on all those very long plane journeys over various continents, he gets an opportunity to write a lot of lyrics, that's what he spends a lot of his time doing".

But despite Bono's high profile, Mullen revealed that when it comes to U2, he is just another member of the band.

"Bono does not wield an axe within the band," he told Larry.

"When U2 makes decisions, they are not Bono's decisions, they are U2's decisions. We make them as a band. He gets a lot of stick for that and I would be the first person to take up a stick and whack him ... "

It was after a brief, but unsuccessful, spell in the Artane Boys Band that as a member of the Post Office Workers' band Larry really earned his stripes before posting that famous note looking to form a band in Mount Temple School.

But did he think another U2 was waiting around the corner to take their place?

"It would be difficult for a band to do the same thing. People are more interested in the short-term in and out -- great songs, great album -- but the idea of being around for three decades is probably a little too much for anyone." Then, a pause before he added: "I'm actually sick of U2!"

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