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Kissing co-stars is 'weird' part of the job' admits Fair City star Leah Egan


Leah Egan

Leah Egan

Leah Egan

She plays man-eater Louise on Fair City, but actress Leah Egan has admitted she finds kissing her co-stars "weird".

While the soap star (27) is happy to get on with her job regardless, she insisted that she's nothing like her on-screen persona.

"Being an actor is a weird job because you get paid to kiss your colleagues. But that's part of the job description for that day - that scene, that moment," she said.

"It can be a strange concept for some people to understand

"It's just a job, there are no ulterior motives.

"You just need to steer clear of the onion and garlic at lunch.

"It's common courtesy," Leah added.

While many TV stars enjoy the glitz and glamour that comes with being famous, the Athlone actress is happy with the more low-key perks of the job - like getting recognised on public transport.

"I love to have a chat with strangers - it can brighten up a bus journey. It's one of the highlights of the job," she said.