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Kenny jokes as he misses out on Tubridy's radio slot

PAT Kenny tried to laugh off missing out on replacing Ryan Tubridy on his 9am RTE Radio One slot.

The veteran broadcaster had wanted to land the 9am slot, bringing his programme back one hour earlier to tackle Ryan Tubridy's new 2FM slot.

But instead, RTE chiefs have given the old Tubridy Radio One show to journalist John Murray.

The ex Morning Ireland and The Business show presenter was celebrating today.

The 46-year-old father-of-two will take over the 9am to 10am slot in September when Tubridy takes over the late Gerry Ryan's old programme.

Murray clearly made a big impression with station chiefs and listeners when hosting The Business on RTE radio.

The new John Murray Show will focus on lifestyle and entertainment items.

Pat Kenny had expressed hopes of stepping into the slot by bringing his own show forward by one hour but this was rejected by management. An RTE spokesman said: "You can see John's approach on The Business, which tends to come at topics from an unexpected angle. So it will be very different to Morning Ireland or Pat Kenny's programme."

Murray said: "The challenges don't come much bigger than this but it's one that I take on with relish. I hope the experience I've gained on Morning Ireland and The Business will give me what it takes to command the 9-10am slot and to create good, captivating radio, building on the already strong listenership in the slot. It's going to be fun, on air and off. "

Pat Kenny congratulated Murray on his appointment, stating he was thrilled for him: "I'm relieved now I'm not going to have to get up an hour earlier. I would have been happy to take the earlier slot. I've been told that John's new show is not going to have a current affairs agenda, which is what I needed to hear."