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Keeping her options open, Seoige eager to keep RTE gig

GRAINNE Seoige's agent has insisted she will have "no problem" dividing her time between Britain and Ireland when she starts double jobbing this autumn.

The Galway native (36) was this week confirmed as the new Features Editor on ITV's breakfast show when it relaunches as Daybreak in September.

In a highly unusual move, the TV personality will continue to work for both RTE and ITV after signing up to film the All Ireland Talent Show again. But the Herald can reveal how she'll have at least two months to get used to her new daily role on the British morning show anchored by Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles.

She won't be returning to work on RTE's talent search competition until the middle of October, when weekend filming starts on the audition stages of the contest.

Her agent Noel Kelly has revealed how the newest addition to Daybreak's team has given some serious thought to the logistics of working for two different TV stations -- and reckons it will be piece of cake.

"She'll have no problem splitting her time between the two, this is all do-able with the time frame involved here. It just means doing two days here and four days over there or whatever. RTE have been fantastic in working something out for her," he said. "We have been working on this (deal) for a while, obviously but we only confirmed everything recently.


"Grainne has never been shy of hard work and she puts her all into everything that she does. London is only a plane hop away and lots of other celebrities manage it, like Craig Doyle. He's back and forth all the time."

Asked about the domestic arrangements that may be put in place for her son Conall (17) while she's working in Britain, he declined to comment, explaining how "that's her personal life".

Last month saw the brunette TV star confirm her separation from her husband Stephen Cullinane as she embarked on a new life for herself.

Not only has she dropped more than two dress sizes as she gets ready for her big TV break in Britain after working out with a personal trainer, she has also had an image overhaul after adopting a sexy new look.

She sparked speculation of a possible move to the UK several months ago after she first started providing holiday cover on GMTV as well as covering Cheltenham for the station.

Speaking about her new job, she said: "I am so excited about my new role and delivering the very best in features to the Daybreak audience."