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Keelin Shanley: 'I miss my old show, but not the early morning starts'


Keelin Shanley

Keelin Shanley

Keelin Shanley

Keelin Shanley

Keelin Shanley

Keelin Shanley


Keelin Shanley

KEELIN Shanley misses her old job on Morning Edition - but she doesn't miss the early alarm calls.

Keelin (46) returns for a new series of The Consumer Show at 8.30pm on RTE One tomorrow as well as hosting Late Debate on RTE Radio at 10pm.

She joins Ella McSweeney on the TV show that investigates everything from bacteria found in food to puppy farms.

Keelin said she's looking forward to the new challenge after early morning news show Morning Edition was axed before Christmas.

"I do miss Morning Edition, but I'm not missing getting up at the crack of dawn every morning," she said.

"There was a huge variety on that programme - you could interview anyone from an author to a neurophysicist and it was two hours live every day so all that was very stimulating. It was great fun.

"With Morning Edition, for the first few months we were in at five o'clock and then it was half-six.

"As you get to know a programme you learn how to use your time more efficiently."

Keelin said she will be standing in for Sean O'Rourke on his radio show, and added that he is a broadcaster she really admires.


"Sean is fantastic. There are so many good broadcasters in Ireland at the moment. Sean is phenomenal - his depth of knowledge is extraordinary," she said.

The mother of two admitted she finds juggling a busy broadcasting career with parenting difficult at times, but said it's important to prioritise.

"One thing I will say is if you keep on top of the food, if you feel you're eating well and everyone is eating well, you can let a few other things go," she said.

"Get as much help as you can and don't put yourself under too much pressure. That's the main thing.

"I think people do that. They want everything perfect all the time - the house cleaned, everything ironed. Don't be ironing if you don't need something ironed. Your house needs to be liveable, but I wouldn't be putting too much pressure on yourself. Keep it clean, keep everyone fed well.

"You do have those awful days when you're just so busy that you have to drop in and buy a dinner on your way home."

Keelin lost her wedding ring on New Year's Eve when she reached down to give money to a homeless man.

"I never found it," she said. "But look, it's a piece of metal, and diamonds unfortunately, but we don't think it now, it's gone."