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Kathryn coy on new afternoon chat show

RTE's Kathryn Thomas (31) has spoken for the first time about her future plans now she's hung up her bikini on No Frontiers.

And the presenter has confirmed that she "wouldn't say no" to a slot on the station's afternoon schedule this autumn.

As first revealed in the Herald, the Carlow native is being lined up for a plush gig on the couches of a new chat show, amid speculation that the station wants to revamp its daytime programming next season.

RTE is also revamping the slot occupied by the Afternoon Show and has been accepting tenders for a replacement show from production companies.

Asked about the possibility of taking on the new challenge, Kathryn replied: "There's always speculation about things at this time of year. Would I like to do it? I wouldn't say no."

She went on to say that she has been approached about a number of new possibilities but that it was still very early days.

"I'm working on other projects at the moment, nothing has been verified yet.

"The way RTE works is this is the time of year that things are commissioned but nothing is set in stone until August or September ... so nobody knows anything.

"If I was in a position to say what I'm doing next, I would but right now, it's all speculation."

The Winning Streak presenter also admitted she will feel nostalgic about ending her run fronting the globe-trotting show No Frontiers.

"It is sad news. The way I look at it is, I started when I was 22 and it was just an amazing privilege to bring the world into people's living rooms and I did that all throughout my twenties. It's time for a different take on it. RTE felt it was time for a change," she said.

"I wasn't sad for myself but for the show and for the audience, it had become a staple part of people's weeks."

When pressed about the surprising decision by the station to axe the popular series, Kathryn reckoned that it was, "just felt it was time for a change".