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Karl – experts keep Operation team fresh ELATED: Karl Henry

FITNESS expert Karl Henry has insisted that the new panel of experts have breathed another lease of life into Operation Transformation.

The popular RTE dieting series will have its finale this Sunday, and personal trainer Karl told the Herald that it's been one of the most successful to date.

The six leaders from around Ireland are being encouraged and challenged by Karl and Dr Eddie Murphy, as well as the latest resident gurus to join the team – Dr Ciara Kelly and Aoife Hearne, who have replaced Dr Eva Orsmond.

"It's gone really fast this year, every year gets quicker, but the reaction has been fantastic this time around," Karl said.

"The thing about Operation Transformation is that it resonates at a community level around the country, and we've really seen that over the past couple of months.

"Any of the walks we've done, the crowds have been incredible – we had 5,000 people taking part in Killarney, that's the beauty of it, it's a larger force at work and it is all about positive, healthy living."


The 31-year-old added:

"I think change is important and it's been a lot of fun with the new panel because it has forced us all to up our game and work really hard at improving things."

After the latest installment, hosted by Kathryn Thomas comes to an end, Dubliner Karl will return to his regular routine at his gym.

"It's been extremely busy over the past couple of months, so it'll be strange going back to normal life."