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Judges get a kick from martial arts routine

It is France that has got talent tonight when a group of stuntmen from Paris stun the BGT judges with a martial arts routine.

The group, called Cascade, describe themselves as "a mix between human stunts and acrobatic martial arts" and impress the panel on the ITV1 talent show with their high-energy display.

Simon Cowell tells them: "I thought it was incredible, particularly the first part. I like the whole stunt thing. It was absolutely amazing, brilliant, brilliant."

Other acts facing the judges are 12-year-old Lauren Thalia, who impresses with her version of Keri Hilson's Turn My Swag On, and Essex group Loveable Rogues, who turn in a confident performance.

But nerves get the better of some contestants and Cowell tells medical secretary-turned-impressionist Marea Smithson she has to sort out her confidence before she can become a success.

The 38-year-old impressed the judges with her act, but Cowell warned her: "The minute an audience feels nervous it doesn't work, so the question is whether you've got the determination going forward. Do you think you can handle this pressure?"