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Jonathan Ross accepts his 'punishment' at ITV

Jonathan Ross was described by his new colleague Lizzie Cundy as 'beyond a joke'.

ITV's decision to sign up Jonathan Ross for a prime-time chat show is a magnanimous one.

In January, the foul-mouthed presenter announced Hayley Mills, the actress, as a guest on his Radio 2 show by saying: "She's now on ITV, which, I think, must be some sort of punishment."

Not all of his new colleagues may greet him with open arms. "Viewers have been put off watching Ross because he is beyond a joke,'' Lizzie Cundy, the presenter of ITV at the Movies, told Mandrake in 2008, after his suspension from the BBC for his shameful harassment of the actor Andrew Sachs, 80.

"On our show, we're not rude or condescending to anyone. We do nice interviews and don't make any crude comments. Angelina [Jolie] was meant to be on the Ross show, but she's coming over to us.''

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