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Jay's holding a few tricks up his sleeve

IF acting doesn't work out, Jay Duffy could always try his hand as a magician.

The 17-year-old son of Boyzone singer Keith Duffy has revealed an obsession for card tricks and has told the Herald that he practised everyday in between scenes on the set of Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks, his first official job as a TV star.

"I studied card magic for two years, from 14, I was big into it," Duffy said.

"On Hollyoaks I always had a deck of cards in my hand, I just loved it."

The youngster has come a long way from his first role as the show's Declan Brady.

Since 2011, he has gone on to land parts in an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet on the Cork stage, as well as working on season two of the History Channel's Vikings last summer.

The teen has never had an acting lesson and insisted he picked up the acting bug from watching his dad on long-running soap Coronation Street.

With a number of credits already, he admitted that there can be plenty of pressure as well as feelings of excitement, but that he's just eager to take on as many opportunities as possible to keep honing his craft.


Duffy told the Herald that he'd love to move overseas – but has been told by his parents that he must complete his Leaving Cert.

"I'm home a lot of the time at the moment because I'm still in school, so it is difficult to go away as much as I'd like to.

"I got to go to London last month for meetings, it was fun and I love going there. So as soon as I'm finished I'd like to head there or New York," he said.

Duffy made his Abbey Theatre debut last week, taking part in The 24 Hour Plays with Domhnall Gleeson and Love/Hate's Aaron Heffernan.

"It's a great buzz to get to do theatre work, I've met some really cool people and have had a good time doing it," he said.