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Janet takes huge gamble tonight with her own 'classic' choice

IRISH X Factor hopeful Janet Devlin is risking everything by ignoring the advice of backstage gurus ahead of tonight's show.

The flame-haired singer won't be relying on last week's no-show mentor Kelly Rowland and will pick what she wants to sing.

Janet is being pushed outside her comfort zone for a Club Anthems instalment of the live finals -- but sees it as an opportunity to be a bit more unpredictable.

Her mum Patricia revealed that the 16-year-old suffered last week because she did not have any say in her song choice -- so now she's taking matters into her own hands.

"She's much happier with the song selection this week, she really wanted to pick her own song last week but because Kelly wasn't there it was chosen for her," mum-of-four Patricia told the Herald ahead of a double eviction night.

"She didn't want to do her performance because she kept saying she couldn't connect with the song.

"Gary was right when he noticed that she wasn't connected to it at all.

"I know she was really under the weather, too, she was using a steamer to clear out her lungs and get air in her voice before she went on. But she feels very different about tonight."

The schoolgirl broke into tears after her performance of Every Breath You Take on last week's programme and received negative reaction from Take That star Gary Barlow, who said she was "predictable."


"I could tell as soon as she went on that she was not comfortable," Patricia said.

While Mrs Devlin would not reveal the name of the artist Janet is taking on tonight in the themed show, she did divulge that her daughter has picked an old classic that "everyone knows".

"I've never heard her perform this song before so she's really looking forward to it." The 47-year-old added that the Omagh girl is back to full health now and can't wait to take the stage to prove she is not a one-trick pony who can only perform ballads.