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Janet jitters: Irish hopeful confined to her bed as stress takes toll

X FACTOR hopeful Janet Devlin was left bed-ridden with a "stress-related" illness after being criticised live on air last weekend.

Janet has revealed she was confined to her bed on Monday and Tuesday with a stomach bug after fluffing her lines on last Saturday's show.

"I had such a weird kind of headache that I couldn't move without it hurting," Janet has revealed. "I can't even describe it. I felt like I was going to throw up a lot, so I thought it was better to lie in bed.

"I know myself that it was stress-related. My confidence has been knocked after last week, you know. There's no point in lying about it because it'll probably show a wee bit."

The Irish singer has also expressed her shock over about Frankie Cocozza's departure from the series and has called him an "idiot" for his actions -- he was booted out for bragging about his cocaine use.

Due to her illness, Janet only found out about Frankie getting the axe when her mum Patricia called her from Tyrone. "I heard the news on the radio and rang Janet -- she was totally oblivious about Frankie getting kicked off but thought nothing of it at first," mum-of-four Patricia Devlin told the Herald.

"She wanted to make sure it was true. All the contestants are taking it in their stride now and just want to get on with things," the 47-year-old said.

Meanwhile, Brighton-based Frankie (18) has said that "no one should have expected him to be a role model".

"From my first audition I walked out on stage and got my bum out and had seven girls tattooed on it. And people are saying 'he's not a good role model', but they should have known that from the start," he said.


"I've had this massive reaction, and reading all the stuff, I've realised that I was starting to be a role model and, yeah, I feel bad about that now, really bad about it now."

He has now apologised for his behaviour. "I've got to stop being a little s***,"he confessed.

Patricia Devlin admitted that while she was initially worried about Frankie's wild behaviour, she knows that Janet would take no notice of his bad-boy antics.

"She's very level-headed and very mature for her age. That kind of thing wouldn't be her scene at all -- she'd never be into drugs or drink," said Patricia.

Meanwhile, Janet has admitted she has "mixed feelings" about four acts rejoining the competition to battle it out for Frankie's spot.

"They had to fill the space somehow, and I think that was the only feasible one. It's a hard one to think about because in a sense we've been working for, I don't know, six, five weeks -- five more weeks than they have," the Omagh girl said.

She is now looking forward to blowing out her candles backstage tonight with her family, on her 17th birthday.

"I know she's really looking forward to seeing us and hopefully she'll be allowed to come for dinner with us, but it depends on how busy they are tonight," said Patricia.

As well as her parents and brothers, Janet's best friend Megan Sweeney (17) and her boyfriend of 10 months, Brendan Sally (17), will toast the budding star.