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Jade Martina will annoy housemates, says BB's Hazel O'Sullivan


Martina Jade Lynch

Martina Jade Lynch

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Hazel O'Sullivan

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Hazel O'Sullivan


Martina Jade Lynch

Reality star Hazel O'Sullivan has said she believes Irish Big Brother contestant Jade Martina Lynch will "annoy" her housemates.

The model (26), who featured in the show two years ago, said the outspoken Dubliner will cause tension in the famous house.

"I'm happy we have another girl flying the flag for Ireland, but I can already see she'll be rubbing people up the wrong way," she said.

Wexford native Hazel, who is living in the UK with her professional footballer beau Andros Townsend, said that she thinks Jade Martina's polyamorous views will get on the nerves of other girls in the house.

Hazel also added that she believes the 24-year-old only believes in open relationships because she hasn't been in love.

Santry native Jade Martina is one of 16 hopefuls competing in this year's reality show, which kicked off earlier this week.

The dark-haired beauty was booed by the audience as she entered the Big Brother house on Tuesday night, wearing a revealing lingerie-inspired ensemble.

In her pre-recorded interview, the model said: "I do high fashion, high fashion lingerie. I describe myself as, obviously I'm beautiful, I'm energetic, free, sexual."

She added: "If there's conflict in the house, I'll walk away or else I'll bite, hard."