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IRA hardman Tony brings new tension to Love/Hate

IF Nidge and his gang thought life was bad now -- it's about to get 10 times worse.

Last night's episode of Love/Hate saw IRA leader Dano seek out help from his counterparts in Northern Ireland in a bid to find his father Git.

Unbeknown to Dano, Git was murdered in the first episode of the series after he raped Siobhan.

He was beaten up by Tommy before Darren delivered the fatal blow on St Patrick's night. His body was then buried on Fran's land -- but gang boss Nidge has been feeling the heat ever since as Dano continues to search for his missing father.

Last night's episode saw Dano punch Elmo's partner while she was out walking their toddler.

Thanks to Nidge, Dano is of the belief that innocent Elmo knows what happened to his father and the young dad is now on the run, wearing a bullet-proof vest while he sleeps and under increasing pressure from his family to reveal the details of his cousin's killer.

Nidge invited Dano and his wife Georgina to Siobhan's 21st in a bid to show that everything is normal and that his gang have nothing to hide.

But while staking out Elmo's partner's home, Dano tires of the situation and decides that assistance is needed.

Viewers see him drive along the M1 to Belfast where he meets a new character Tony, played by Sean McGinley.

"We will not let your father rot in some bog hole," Tony chillingly promised Dano last night.

Viewers hear Tony tell Dano he will be down the week after next and not to tell anybody about his arrival.

Let the games begin...