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Strictly Irish Dancing

TV3, 10pm This looks back at the thrills and spills from the World Championships in Dublin last April. More than 4,500 young hoofers from all over Ireland, England and America took part while Michael Flatley (left) was on hand with some sage advice.


Bin Laden: Inside The War Room Channel 4, 9pm He eluded capture for so long that many questioned whether the Americans would ever nab the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. George Bush failed to track him down but the cat-and-mouse game finally came to an end in May this year with a covert CIA mission in Pakistan.

Barack Obama and other White House insiders recall those moments when Navy Seals entered Bin Laden's heavily guarded compound.


The Glee Project

SKY1, 8pm The end is in sight and tonight the remaining four contestants must give something back and are all tested on their generosity. Guest mentor Kevin McHale, aka Artie Abrams, explains how the Glee cast should be like one big family -- it's crucial the winner must have that all-important selfless streak.


Mount Pleasant

SKY1, 9p Dan gets all the attention this week as he recovers from a major hernia operation. It's not all bad as people go out of their way to give him a helping hand -- especially the lustful Bianca who caters to his every whim. Lisa's patience is at breaking point but it's Dan's overbearing mother who sends her over the edge.