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In brief: Bold and brash

British Comedy Awards Channel 4, 9pm

Anything's possible with Jonathan Ross at the helm of this live gongfest. A revamped format sees a new publicly voted for award called King or Queen of Comedy 2010. The after-show party gets in full swing on E4 at 11pm.


Nurse Jackie BBC2, 10.40pm

Expect a hefty dose of dark humour tonight from one of the best US imports on the box.

When we left Jackie (Edie Falco, left) in season one she had overdosed on prescription pills.

Her demons haven't gone away, as the troubled nurse finds it increasingly difficult to keep her addiction under wraps.


Casualty BBC1, 8.50pm

Ruth's deteriorating mental state puts a patient's life in danger; ominous voices in her head tell her to perform unassisted brain surgery on a young girl.

Meanwhile, Adam has growing concerns for staff nurse Kirsty when she decides to give her abusive marriage another go.

The facade of happy families doesn't last long, however, when her wayward husband returns to his violent ways.


Take Me Out UTV, 8pm

Pride is at stake as a soul singer, a car salesman, a street dancer and a martial arts champion do battle to impress 30 single ladies looking for that special connection.

We also see if there is any chemistry between last week's couples as the dating game begins.