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I'm shaping up for a follow-up show, says Transformed Rachel

OPERATION Transformation star Rachel Walker has revealed that the prospect of a six-month follow-up show is shaping up.

The Dublin mum told the Herald that she had been afraid that the end of the series last month would spell the end of her motivation, but she has maintained the tough regime and proven that she's made of sterner stuff.


"There were rumours of another programme going out and that kept me going when I needed it the most," Rachel explained.

"The thought of revisiting everything, of the cameras coming back and checking our progress, has kept me going over the last few days. We haven't heard anything concrete yet, but everyone is hopeful that it will happen."

She added: "Nothing like that has been done before but this year's series has been more popular than any other year, so that would be the reason why they would want to revisit.

"Go on to the Facebook page at any hour of the day or night, and there's people commenting on it endlessly, viewers are hoping for a catch-up." Rachel (36) revealed that she missed her weekly sessions with the other four leaders although they will soon meet up for a 5k run and later this summer, a charity sky dive in aid of the Make A Wish Foundation.

"I miss our weigh-ins surprisingly," the 5ft 4in brunette said. "It gave us a chance to get together every Monday, and I miss that, the chats, the laughter, we really became close. Emily [Piggott, the youngest leader on the show] texted me the other day and she's lost half a stone in two weeks on top of the 1st 11lbs she had lost during the programme so she's been really motivated.

"We're all working towards our next run, we have to have a target, something to look forward to.


"On June 11, we'll be doing a sky dive, I was really excited about it but then I watched a Bear Grylls documentary where he was jumping out of a plane and I had to switch it off because I was having second thoughts, it looked pretty extreme."

When Rachel was picked to star in the fourth series of Operation Transformation, she was a size 18, and she has now dropped to a sassy size 14.