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I'm obsessed with Love/Hate ... I want to be in Nidge's gang – Ed


Ed Sheeran. Photo: Ian West/PA

Ed Sheeran. Photo: Ian West/PA

Ed Sheeran. Photo: Ian West/PA

HE is the squeaky clean pop star who pens songs about heartbreak and hangs out with Taylor Swift.

But singing sensation Ed Sheeran has a tough side – which he would jump at the chance to express on an episode of Love/Hate.

The 23-year-old revealed he is a massive fan of the smash hit crime drama after getting hooked on the show while touring with US starlet Swift.

Despite his busy schedule, the British star said he is "obsessed" with the antics of Nidge and co and would love a part on the gritty series.

"I'm obsessed with that show," admitted Sheeran, who flew to Dublin on Monday for an intimate performance in front of 1,500 fans at gig venue Vicar Street.

"It's my third time watching it now but the thing is, I wasn't introduced to it by Irish people – I was in America and they were all watching it. All the yanks on the Taylor Swift tour, all the crew, all the roadie crew.

"They were like, 'ah yeah man, we're watching this show called Love/Hate at the moment. Here's the DVD!'" the singer explained.

"At first I said, yeah I'll check it out and they said it was made by RTE and I was like, all right... but then I watched it and it was incredible.

"I was instantly hooked in and I want Nidge to be my best mate. I can do a Nidge impression – it's just a lot of nodding and saying Trish," he added.

The English singer with Irish connections said he would be more than happy to take time out of his music schedule for a walk-on role on Love/Hate.

"I've actually said to my label that I'd like to be one of the guys on a bike with a balaclava just riding past. I'd love that!" he said.