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I'm not too pretty to get votes, insists The Voice's sexy Jessica

SHE'S the girl Bressie has declared "too pretty" to win the Voice but Jessica Pritzel has insisted she's nothing special.

Dublin singer Jessica (21) has insisted there's "nothing sexy" about her and is hoping female voters get to know her personality, instead of judging her on how she looks.

Her mentor Bressie aired concerns that female viewers of the RTE show are not voting for the Stillorgan native because she is too pretty.

Bressie said: "If people aren't voting for her because she's pretty -- to me that's a bit unfair. She's pop star quality."

The hunky mentor also stated during the blind auditions that he thought Jessica's voice was "sexy".

Jessica, who claimed the Miss University DIT crown last year, told the Herald that while she was "flattered" by the comments, that's not what she's about.

"I was flattered about the comments, but it's an awkward thing to talk about. I'd never thought of it that way or if that could be why I didn't get votes. All I can do is hope that the female audience gets to know me for my personality," said Jessica, who previously appeared on TV3's dating show Take Me Out.

"I'd never classify myself as sexy, I just don't know what to say to that."

And Jessica has her fingers crossed that being a city girl won't further damage her chances of going all the way in the competition.

"Someone backstage was saying to me that apparently it's always harder for someone from Dublin, because Dubliners don't tend to vote as much as those from the countryside, where an entire town or community gets involved and behind the local act. I'm definitely going to get out there and really work on stepping up my game."

The Music and Drama student, who narrowly escaped getting the boot from the first live results show on Sunday, also admitted that she was gutted for Gavin Kenny, who was sent packing.

"It was heartbreaking ending up in the bottom two, my heart dropped because I get on with Gavin so well. We always warmed up together and his voice melts me, so I honestly thought I was going home."

The brunette beauty was saved by former Blizzards frontman Niall Breslin and is now gearing up for her next number, which she revealed will be "quirky" and more upbeat.

Fellow mentor Brian Kennedy commended Jessica for her performance on Sunday night.

The Celebrity Come Dine With Me star noted that there's something unique in the way Jessica sings, while dad-of-one Kian Egan added: "I think you're a natural, you're a popstar."