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'I'm never fully switched off from work', reveals Colette Fitzpatrick


Colette Fitzpatrick at Electric Picnic

Colette Fitzpatrick at Electric Picnic

Colette Fitzpatrick at Electric Picnic

NEWS anchor and current affairs presenter Colette Fitzpatrick has admitted that she is "never fully switched off" from her job.

The journalist explained that she's always on the look-out for a good story - even when she's off duty.

"You're never fully switched off, when you pick up a magazine or a newspaper at the weekend or you hear something you go, 'Oh, that's something we could do'. That's just the nature of the job," Colette said.

The broadcaster is currently juggling her career as a news anchor with TV3 with her new current affairs programme, The Colette Fitzpatrick Show on Newstalk, and writing a column for the Herald.

The host, who debuted her new radio show just over a month ago, joked about her busy schedule, saying "they should put a monorail between TV3 and Newstalk because Ivan Yates is back and forth and I'm back and forth".


Colette admits that, as the first woman to front a permanent show on Newstalk since Norah Casey, she resents when people ask if she's the 'token woman'. "'I'd hate for anyone to make a big deal about that I'm a woman, it's nothing to do with it, to be honest," she told Woman's Way magazine.

"The most important thing is whether the show is engaging and whether it's thought-provoking and people are willing to tune in."

She said that the reaction to her new show has been very good so far.