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'I'm getting less than I was' - Ray D'Arcy not impressed that public will know his pay


Ray D'Arcy

Ray D'Arcy

ray darcy

ray darcy


Ray D'Arcy

Ray D'Arcy has spoken of his annoyance that his pay will be made public by RTE in two years time following his move from rival station Today FM.

The 50-year-old's salary at the national broadcaster was reported as high as €500,000.

But D'Arcy inisted that he's being paid less than what he got at the commerical station.

"I would prefer if people didn't know what I was earning, but I definitely wasn't motivated by money. In fact, I'm getting less than I was," he said.

"I am very well paid. That's the nature of what I do," he added.

RTE releases details of its stars' salaries every two years, with D'Arcy's salary to be revealed in 2017.

While the dad-of-two is set to start his new afternoon show on RTE Radio 1 next Monday, he does wish he had had opportunity to say goodbye to his Today FM listeners.

"It was unfortunate the way it happened, but it's the nature of the business we're in. I would have loved for it to have been different.

"I would have loved to have been able to say a proper goodbye, but maybe a goodbye would have been premature, because we're not gone," he added.


Ray (50) will be joined at RTE by his wife Jenny Kelly and his long-time producer Will Hanafin.

"It all happened very quickly. I've been approached numerous times by RTE in the past," he revealed.

"I have had heads of radio, TV people in my house sipping coffee, telling me this and promising me that.

"This time, all the stars were aligned ... there were new people in positions of power in RTE who I respect. And I was at a certain time in my life," he said.

D'Arcy's schedule will now change, allowing him and Jenny more time in the mornings with their children Kate (8) and Tom (2).

"This is a completely different day, time-wise. I am leaving Kate to school, we're not in until 10, so we have this lovely two hours in the morning, no panic, no rush," he told the RTE Guide.

He also credits his wife with helping him make the leap to RTE.

"I honestly don't think I would have made this move without Jenny," he said.

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