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IFTA show loses a quarter of million viewers on TV3


ABOVE: John Paul Murphy; RIGHT: Charlie Murphy.

ABOVE: John Paul Murphy; RIGHT: Charlie Murphy.

ABOVE: John Paul Murphy; RIGHT: Charlie Murphy.

A QUARTER of a million less people tuned in to watch the 2015 IFTAs compared to last year's disastrous broadcast, new figures reveal.

The Irish Television and Film Academy Awards were shown on TV3 this year for the first time.

The glitzy awards show was formerly screened on RTE but changed to the rival broadcaster after last year's ceremony was branded a "shambles".

This year's awards were broadcast on Monday night and pulled in an average of just 121,100 viewers compared to 382,000 on the national broadcaster last year - a difference of 260,900.

The ceremony, which was held on May 24, was well-received in comparison to last year after the academy decided to hold two separate events for film and television.

While A-list stars like Jamie Dornan and Colin Farrell failed to turn up on the red carpet, winners included Irish stars like Charlie Murphy and Sarah Greene.

Meanwhile, the awards also had less viewers than Pat Kenny's interview with Shane Filan.

Pat Kenny in the Round had lost viewers since it started last month.


Guests like Commander Chris Hadfield and Lulu failed to attract audiences but the Westlife star's interview has marked a distinct increase in ratings.

Monday night's interview, in which the singer spoke about everything from meeting his wife Gillian to his bankruptcy, pulled in 143,000 viewers.

In comparison, Commander Chris drew 66,000 viewers, while Lulu attracted 95,000.

Elsewhere, RTE execs were delighted with how their chat shows performed over the weekend.

Brendan O'Connor's Saturday Night Show finished with a flourish with 471,200 watching his last episode and the last Late Late Show of the season which attracted 616,000.