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I'd love to film here... but it's too costly, says TV Gok

STYLE guru Gok Wan said he would love to make an Irish version of his hit show -- but it's too expensive to film here.

The How to Look Good Naked star would relish the chance to give Irish women a makeover and encourage them to strip naked at the end of their transformation.

"I would love to make a show here," he told the Herald. "It's always a money thing because it's always really expensive for us to bring all our crew and all that goes with it. It's just more expensive to make it here. But I've always wanted to go to Scotland with it, as well as Ireland, so never say never."

And he hit out at celebrities for wearing designer labels in a recession.

"It's a bit gratuitous if you're running around (in designer labels) and people are losing their jobs and losing their homes," Gok said.

He added how recession-hit Irish women needn't sacrifice their style just because they're more strapped for cash.

"I don't think it needs to be expensive and probably for the first time, we've got so much choice at very affordable prices and also, grooming doesn't need to be expensive. You can be doing that stuff at home," he said.

"The recession hasn't stopped people from looking good and if anything, it just makes you slightly creative with what you do."

He also cited our main fashion faux pas as wearing clothes that don't suit our figures and dress for "trend above body shape".

"All of us should dress for our body shape. If a pencil skirt doesn't suit you and it's on trend, don't wear it," he said.

The glasses-wearing TV star, whose favourite Irish designer is John Rocha, jetted into Dublin for a flying visit, with an appearance on the Late Late Show last night.

Here to launch his second range of lenses for Specsavers, GW by Gok Wan, he said the style in Dublin was similar to other major cities.


"You've got the same brands, the same magazines, the same fashion stimulus as everywhere else in Europe so there isn't any real difference other than maybe your clothes are more weather considered because of the extreme differences you get here," he explained.

Asked for his opinion on Ryan Tubridy's style, given that it was third time on the show, he said he always dressed smartly and was "very sweet".

"He's always very suited and booted so I don't really have an accurate opinion of what he looks like. I only ever see him in his suit and he's normally sitting behind a desk. He might be in tracksuit bottoms for all I know," said Gok.