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I'd do it for free, says Claudia as she lands Ross's film job

Claudia Winkleman is to replace Jonathan Ross as presenter of Film 2010, the BBC has announced.

It is the first move at dismantling Ross's empire after the ending of his £6m (€6.6m)-a-year contract.

Winkleman (38) was keen to talk down her pay packet, thought to be £200,000 (€220,000) per series.

She said: "I'm on much, much, much, much, much, much less than you'd think. I'd pay them, I really would."

Winkleman, who has been in Hell's Kitchen and the Strictly Come Dancing spin-off It Takes Two, was a surprise choice for the role, which most thought would go to Mark Kermode, the BBC's longstanding film critic.

The corporation was keen to talk up Winkleman's cinematic experience, pointing to her role as presenter of The Arts Show, which sits in a Friday night slot on Radio 2.

To signify the break from Ross's presence -- and to stave off accusations that Winkleman lacks heavyweight critical credentials -- the programme's reliance on a single presenter will end.

In future, the BBC said, the show will also "feature a wide range of cinema and industry experts and a variety of studio guests".

Winkleman said that she was "proper cock-a-hoop" to have landed the role.

"I feel incredibly happy and I just hope I don't let film lovers down," she said. She said her favourite films included The Shawshank Redemption, the Godfather parts one and two and ET.