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'I was voted off Voice because I am a Dub'

A MUM-of-two booted off The Voice on Mother's Day has blamed a lack of Dublin voters.

Castleknock singer Claire O'Loughlin (30) said that although she felt she had one of the strongest performances and was boosted by positive feedback from the judges, the voting system went against her.

"I'm shocked I was there at all, but I was also shocked that I left," she told the Herald. "I never thought I was going -- nothing pointed towards it.

"But everyone from Dublin is gone. There are only two people left from Dublin.

"The whole thing is that every single county is getting behind their own. People are voting for the counties, whether or not they like them. I thought it was supposed to be about 'the voice' -- but maybe it's not," she added.

Claire said that the competition is heating up and described the atmosphere in the Helix on Sunday night as a "pressure cooker".

"I wasn't going to get involved in a big campaign. I have two children, I am a stay-at-home mum," she said. "I'm not a politician."


The singer from west Dublin said that it was business as usual the minute she left the show and still has to look after her children Luca (4) and Sophie (1).

She said that Luca was old enough to be excited to see his mum on the show, but ultimately will be glad to have her back.

"My husband, everyone is just shocked," she said. "I don't usually get confident in myself. It was the first time I let myself get confident about the competition. I was absolutely delighted how it went compared to the last show."

Claire went through a traumatic time last year after her mother Joan Byrne was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

But Mrs Byrne provided huge moral support for her daughter.

"At least I have something to come home to -- I haven't had time to be crying," said Claire.

"My mam is just getting over cancer, I have two kids and a husband," she added.

"What have I to cry about?"