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I was miserable starting on radio, reveals Bressie


Niall Breslin

Niall Breslin

Niall Breslin

Niall Breslin


Niall Breslin

He's no stranger to broadcasting, but Voice of Ireland star Bressie says he found it hard to adjust to working on morning radio.

The talent show coach (34) is co-presenting 2FM's Breakfast Republic with Eoghan McDermott this week while regular presenters Jennifer Maguire, Bernard O'Shea and Keith Walsh are on holidays.

While he's enjoying the new gig, the Mullingar man isn't a fan of the extreme working hours.

"The early mornings are tough. People often assume you just waltz in and it's the same as TV, but it's not at all," he says.

"It's a very different animal and it's something I think you need to gain a lot of experience in before you get comfortable with it. But it is enjoyable."

The former singer, whose real name is Niall Breslin, revealed he was "miserable" for the first couple of days on the airwaves, but cheered up after his co-presenter's mother complained about him.

"Eoghan's mother actually texted in to say I was really grumpy. The first two mornings I was miserable," Bressie explains.

"I always get up early, but I don't function until about nine or 10, so I thought 'get your act together'."


Speaking on the Brendan O'Connor show on RTE Radio One, the former Blizzards frontman said 2FM never asked him to present the morning slot.

Instead, the musician was asked to come on air by his Voice of Ireland co-star McDermott, who he is close friends with.

"Eoghan's a good mate of mine and he asked would I be up for coming in during the week and just chatting and I said yes," he says.

"I thought it would be a bit of craic. I'm being perfectly honest, I'm not sure anyone knew I was presenting it until I walked in on Monday morning."

While Bressie's stint on the breakfast show is his first time on the airwaves, Eoghan is no stranger to radio.

In September, the Dubliner will take over presenting 2FM's drive-time slot from Colm Hayes.