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I turn hate into jokes, reveals comedian Tara Flynn


Tara Flynn in Dulux spot

Tara Flynn in Dulux spot

Tara Flynn in Dulux spot

Comedian Tara Flynn said she likes to cover topics that make her angry in her stand up and sketches.

The Irish pictorial weekly star has made sketches about her husband, Carl Austin – who is African American – receiving racist abuse and others about the ‘No’ campaign’s arguments in the upcoming same sex marriage referendum.

“I try to tackle issues that make me cross through satirical videos or little sketches about issues like racism or equality,” Tara told the Herald.

“There are two elements to tackling issues through comedy. One is that it is easier to hear someone’s point when it’s enjoyable, and two is that it deflates the opposite argument.

“I wanted to use laughter to get my message across, because it beats hate every time,” she added.

Her debut book, You’re Grand, has just been released in paperback but she’s already working on a follow-up.

“It [the follow-up] is due out in the autumn and it’s all about complaining so there’s no

shortage of inspiration,” she laughed.

“I’ve been listening to Liveline podcasts to see if there are any recurring themes of what we like to moan about and there definitely are.”

Tara has also lent her voice to a new animated movie called Two by Two, which is a funny telling of the story of Noah’s Ark and is currently showing across Dublin.

Tara will perform at the first Vodafone Comedy Tent which is set to feature at this year’s Body & Soul festival, from June 19 to 21.

“I’m really excited for it. It won’t just be work as I’ll get to see my pals perform as well and check out some music too,” she said.