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I thought I'd lost my son's love, slimmer Rachel reveals

DUBLIN mum Rachel Walker revealed her fears of losing the love of her youngest son in the latest episode of Operation Transformation.

The Tallaght mum, who discovered she lost 3lb on last night's live show, also revealed the heartache she went through in her battle with cancer.

Rachel underwent a hysterectomy last August after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, so her partner Karl looked after the children while she was in care.

"I was nearly three weeks in hospital and Connor (2) became very attached to his daddy," the 36-year-old said.

"And when I came out of hospital he was a pure daddy's boy, he didn't want to know mammy at all," she said in last night's episode.

"So because of that, him and Karl clicked and Connor never came near me, even if he fell down it was daddy not mammy; it's like somebody kicking you in the heart, it's not nice."


Karl explained that he had tried to compensate for Rachel's absence by giving Daragh (8), Cillian (4) and Connor even more attention and love than usual.

"I think Connor felt distant with his mam because she wasn't there all the time for him and [giving him] the usual attention he usually gets, where I gave him more attention because she wasn't there," he said.

After revealing her heartache on national television, Rachel said she had a reason to be happy because the effects of the operation on her body were slowly disappearing with her regime change and new fitness routine.

The brave mum-of-three has exceeded her weight-loss target every week and has now dropped to 12st 13 from her initial 13st 11.

Fitness guru Karl Henry told her last night that she still had a long way to go and that expectations would be high since she is this year's "most popular leader".

Rachel told the Herald that she hoped to reach 10st by the end of her lifestyle change and 12st 6 within her time on the RTE reality programme.

"I want to look like [TV chef] Nigella Lawson," she said.

"I don't want to be skinny, I want to be curvaceous and I have a big bust so I want to keep some of it.

"If I lost my spare tyre, I'd be over the moon.

"After the hysterectomy, my tummy is numb because they haven't joined it back together again so I'm going to work hard on that -- diet alone will not do it -- it's been completely out of shape since the operation."

Rachel added that she looked forward to being able to wear nice clothes again.

"I want to be comfortable looking at myself again," she said.

"At the moment, I'd rather wrap myself from head to toe and I'd like to be able to look at myself and say: 'yeah you look really well'."