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Confessions of an Undercover Cop

Channel 4, 9pm Not quite the 'Carry On' show the title might suggest. This fascinating documentary follows undercover police officer Mark Kennedy (below), who infiltrated the environmental movement and Europe's left-wing extremist political groups and spent eight years there. In the process he lost his wife and children, and the friends he made during his time with the protesters. He discusses the consequences of getting too close to those he infiltrated.

french fancies

Little England

UTV, 8pm Jim and Sheila High talk about their move to the Dordogne, where they bought a hazelnut farm (as you do), while another couple discuss their yurt campsite (er, as you do), where visitors can enjoy a taste of the 'good life'.

crisis central

Crisis: Inside the Cowen Government

RTE1, 9.35pm Final part assessing Brian Cowen's disastrous tenure and legacy as Taoiseach, and asking whether Fianna Fail can resurrect itself after its defeat in this year's election (Lazarus would have a tougher job).

True lives

Natural World

RTE2, 7.30pm Unwind and get a taste of Africa with this documentary charting life along the Zambezi River, set against the spectacular backdrop of the Victoria Falls and told through the experiences of a local angler, who has fished the waters for 69 years.

The film shows how the animals' lives are ruled by the seasonal changes of the river and the rains.