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'I miss those 3am starts like a hole in the head', reveals Today FM star Anton Savage


Anton Savage

Anton Savage

Anton Savage

Radio presenter Anton Savage says he misses getting up in the early hours of the morning "like a hole in the head".

Getting his own weekday Today FM show made it impossible for the Herald columnist to continue his role as a presenter on Ireland AM on TV3.

"I miss the team on Ireland AM quite a lot, but I miss getting up at three o'clock in the morning like a hole in the head," he said.

Anton took over the morning slot on Today FM from Ray D'Arcy earlier this year, and now starts his working day starts at 6.50am.

"I regard myself as being late if I don't see Ian Dempsey going on air," he said.

"In fact, I time myself by Ian's show, so once Mario finishes Gift Grub I go into the studio with all the papers, all the briefs for the show and the layout for what's happening with the songs for the day.

"For the first couple of weeks I was emotionally exhausted, I'd need a hug coming off air."

Anton was full of praise, however, for his production team.

"The guys are in there at seven in the morning and they'll regularly be there to five, six, seven each night," he said.

"Then Sunday comes around and emails will start appearing about things the team have seen.


"There's a huge work ethic there, so I'd be taking my life into my hands if I said I was tired after the show.

"It's only over the past weeks and months that I realise how lucky I am to have the bunch of people working with me that I have.

"And I'm really enjoying getting a lie-in on weekends."