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I haven't time to watch rival chefs' TV shows, reveals cheeky Jamie

CELEBRITY chef Jamie Oliver said he never bothers watching his competitors' TV shows.

The cheeky dad-of-four, who first established himself with his quick telly meals on Naked Chef, admitted that he doesn't feel threatened or intimidated by any other cookery programmes on the air.

Although he has agreed to share the limelight with fellow chefs Catherine Fulvio and Kevin Dundon at the Taste of Dublin show, culinary king Jamie says he never takes time out to watch his rivals on the telly.

"In the nicest possible way, no not really. I've got a family, four kids and a lot of work to do.

"I don't have time to sit around watching other people's cookery shows, I really don't," he told the Herald.

The Essex native noted that the industry is in a poor state of health and is lacking in decent young chefs.

"The TV industry is in a hideous state, we're about 40pc down in budgets than we were 15 years ago for Naked Chef, so getting all the value on the screen and doing things nicely is really important.

"In short, the big problem we have at the moment is that TV is full of structured people, who often are not that good -- and often that stops the young talent from coming through.

"It's disgusting ... the broadcasters are too scared."