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I get stopped in Ikea for advice reveals Room to Improve star Dermot Bannon


Dermot Bannon

Dermot Bannon

Dermot Bannon

Room to Improve star Dermot Bannon has revealed how his professional advice goes beyond the RTE One programme, as he often gets asked for his opinion while queuing at check-outs in Ikea.

The architect uses his expertise to renovate the homes of lucky participants on the show, which is now in its seventh series, using a diverse mix of innovative refurbishments.

However, his role as perfectionist designer is not limited to the RTE show and he has revealed how people approach him in public places aiming to get some free advice.

When asked if he is stopped in the street for his opinion, he said: "Yes! In the pub, in queues…DIY shops and Ikea are generally worse than others. If you get caught in a queue in Ikea, you'll hear everyone's problems," he explains.


"But I don't mind that," he adds, pointing out that people's interest means that the show is getting high viewership.

This is the main reason Dermot undertook the Room to Improve project in the first place.

"The fact that people care and are passionate about architecture and engaging in the build process and are coming up to talk about it is the whole reason why I did it in the first place," he told TV Now.

Dermot admitted that it can be frustrating on the show when the people he is trying to advise think they "know it all".

"No other profession gets the sort of 'advice' that architects do."