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'I found it hard to spit on Jamie for crucial Fall scene,' admits star Aisling

Star of The Fall Aisling Franciosi has revealed that she found it hard to spit on her co-star Jamie Dornan for a crucial scene in the show.

Aisling (20) plays babysitter Katie who is infatuated with Dornan's character - serial killer Paul Spector.

Their relationship has escalated in season two even involving an intense scene where she has to spit on the Fifty Shades of Grey heartthrob.

"I knew that people would kind of react to that a bit because it's very sensitive material obviously if you look at it," she said.

"I mean she's a 16-year-old girl and he's a serial killer. But I felt totally safe doing it, everyone was very respectful. And Jamie and I get on very well anyway and we can trust each other.

"The hardest bit of that whole scene was actually having to spit on him," she revealed.

"I actually went into the corridor and was trying to practice spitting. Whatever about spitting when you're brushing your teeth or something, but I actually don't spit.

"One of the notes I got from the director was, 'we're going to need more spit, just you know, really hawk up'. And I was like, 'I actually can't do that, you're asking me to spit on Jamie's face, this is so gross'," she added.

Their characters are now working together in the gripping drama and Katie has provided alibis to the police in order to protect him.

Aisling admits that Katie is challenging to portray.

"She's really interesting because she's so headstrong in so many ways but really, really vulnerable as well," she said.


"For me it was kind of getting the balance between the fact that she's clearly had tragedy in her life and is very impressionable and is coming from a believable place that she's so infatuated and obsessed with Spector," she said.

Season two of The Fall will culminate in a gripping feature length episode on December 14 and Aisling is excited about what 2015 has in store.