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I fled Ireland to get over OTT split, says the Voice's Alan

THE Voice hopeful Alan Fitzsimons has revealed he had to travel the world to find himself after boyband OTT faded into non-existence.

The singer admitted that he now finally feels ready to tackle his dreams and make it in the music business -- and he even shed two stone before auditioning for the RTE series.

Alan (36) told the Herald that he packed his bags and left Ireland when OTT's time came to an end in 1998.

"I moved to the UK on my own when we split and then went on to Turkey to work as an entertainment rep for a couple of years, before going to New York after that.

"My 20s was all about growing up with OTT, so I was thrown into TV and work. When it all finished I needed to find myself -- I didn't go off the wall, but I did take a few years out.

"We just didn't work out in the end, it was very tough, but you have to get over it," said the Swords native, who enjoyed brief chart success with the group's tune Story of Love in the late 1990s.

"The Voice has really boosted my confidence again, even though being in the bottom two is a bit of a kick."

During his time away from the limelight, Alan fell in love. He met his wife Siobhan in New York city 10 years ago and said that she had "no idea" who OTT were.

The pair married in 2007 and have a four-year-old daughter Allie.

Now a customer service manager in Vodafone, Alan admitted that he'd "never say never" to an OTT reunion.