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I don't know if I will be invited back to Fair City, says Vivienne

TOP beauty Vivienne Connolly is still in the dark as to whether her sexy character will be reprised on Fair City.

The model-turned-actress made a big splash among fans of the soap after adding some sizzle to the programme by playing the part of Louie Gleeson's estranged wife Ingrid. Viewers saw her last month dropping a major bombshell by strutting into McCoy's bar to ask for a divorce.

And she said she would love to appear again. "The honest answer is, I don't know yet if I'll be back or not," she said. "The door has been left open for my character to return so I'll just have to wait and see what RTE decides."

The mum of two children, Katie (4) and Ben (7), Vivienne said that her son was delighted to see her on the small screen. "Katie didn't see me at all, she's a bit young to watch it, but Ben caught a little bit of it. He understands that it's only pretend and I'm not really married to Louie.

"Now he's calling me a movie star because I'm on TV and I'm like 'thanks honey'. One of the little fellas in Katie's creche also saw me on TV as well and said it to her and one of my neighbours saw it as well. The reaction has all been pretty positive so far. It was a great experience."

She hit the headlines shortly before her appearance on the show thanks to undergoing a gruelling health regime to shape up. This involved working out with a personal trainer and going on a two-week detox.

She said she was "very happy" with the results when she saw herself on TV. "I only lost a few pounds but it makes a big difference with the cameras. But I went down to Kenmare recently for a break so I probably need to go on another one now," she said.

The hard-working mum, who split from businessman husband Mark Dunne last May after five years, also revealed she's looking forward to her next short film receiving its debut.

"It's called Every Second Sunday and it co-stars Simon Delaney," she continued. "Hopefully it will be out at the start of next month. I'm also going to a few auditions so I've lots to keep me busy."