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I didn't come on the show to make friends, I don't do victim

SHE'S seen as the bitchy trouble-making star of TV3's latest reality series -- and has been wrongly branded a racist in the process.

However, glamorous mum-of-two Dee Farrell (41) has told the Herald the strife will have been worth it if it helps her create a better life for herself and her two daughters.

And she has hit out at suggestions that she is too old to take on the world of fashion -- pointing out that she is younger than the world's foremost fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker.

Donnybrook native Dee, who has dated top Irish model Matthew John after separating from her husband, is the undisputed star of TV3's Style Wars and she is refusing to let the bitchiness and negative comments of her fellow contestants get her down.

The mum was forced to defend herself earlier this week after being branded a racist by rival Holly Shortall for comparing the 21-year-old's turban-inspired hat to "something a Romanian would wear".

"It's all nonsense. I think the other contestants sometimes say things without thinking them through but I am nothing like the way I have been portrayed.

"I'm still happy to have taken part in the show. People on the streets have been very nice to me because I think a lot of them empathise with the fact that I'm just a normal Dublin mum trying to do something good for myself and my family. Nobody handing me anything on a plate.

"My only desire is to pick up and have a career. I didn't go on the show to make friends. I'm doing it in the hope of launching my new career in fashion, but I felt like I was ostracised from the beginning.

"I think a lot of the arguments on the show are down to misinterpretation. I don't go for the victim scenario. I've bounced back from so many things in my life so I don't let this kind of stuff get to me."

But Dee admitted it had been difficult trying to explain to her two daughters, Bonny (11) and Charlotte (8).


"Watching the programme has really shocked me because while filming people went off and did their vox-pops in private and then they came back and were as nice as pie so I'm only really seeing now a lot of what was actually going on.

"As a single parent my kids are the most important thing. Bonny was hurt by it.

"I'm getting a lot of support from family and friends. A lot of people have said I'm being discriminated against because of my age but this is my dream and now that my children are old enough I'm determined to go for it.

"I'm not too old for this competition. I'm the same age as Jennifer Aniston and I'm younger than Sarah Jessica Parker, who are both world famous fashionistas, and I think I definitely add some sophistication."

The winner of the series will get a senior creative role at Aurora Fashion's international offices and the chance to co-create the next ByCaprice fashion line.