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I couldn't turn down TV3, says Laura

TV presenter Laura Woods has denied she has "jumped ship" from RTE -- saying an offer from TV3 was too good to turn down.

The former RTE presenter (33), who worked with the national broadcaster for a decade, is stepping into the slot vacated by Ireland AM's Anna Daly while she is on maternity leave.

The married mum said she has to do what's best for her career, and it's not a question of switching allegiances.

"I had been a freelance presenter for a number of years and my contract with RTE lapsed while I was on maternity leave. The media industry is very small and jobs are hard to come by.

"This is a fabulous opportunity that came my way, it's very difficult to get regular structured work in TV so when this offer came along, it was a no-brainer to me," she explained.

"When times are quiet, you look for other opportunities. I learnt long ago not to worry about the future in TV because it's just so unpredictable and precarious."


She is about to start her TV3 training and says she was delighted when approached by the station about filling in for Anna, who has just given birth to her baby, James.

Laura herself gave birth to a baby boy named Ben 10 months ago, her first child with husband Mark Arigho, and reckons it's a "nice time to go back to work."

"I had been in TV3 doing Midday and I got a call asking me to go for a meeting about Ireland AM. I'm very excited. I'm going to be working there on a freelance basis for the next few weeks, it's really bizarre, because I did nothing but watch the show since I had the baby," she added.

"I'll have to ask Sinead Desmond how she manages to look so glamorous all the time, despite getting up at 4.30am every morning."

Laura, who has a Masters in Psychotherapy, reckons she'll have the nerves nicely in check given her wealth of TV experience. She previously hosted RTE's The Cafe as well as being the entertainment reporter for the Will Leahy Show on 2fm.