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I begged my TV3 mentor to stay at station, says Lucy Kennedy


Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy

Jeff Forde TV3

Jeff Forde TV3


Lucy Kennedy

Presenter Lucy Kennedy has revealed she'll miss her mentor Jeff Ford when he leaves TV3 in April.

Jeff - the head of content at the station - was instrumental in bringing Lucy to TV3 and she's sorry to see him go.

"I am devastated. I begged him to stay. I sat in his office saying 'please don't leave'. But he has a grandson now and wants to be with his family," she told the Herald.

"But it is a huge loss in my life because he was such an ambassador for me. He is such a nice person.

"He sits in an open-plan office and he is not a 'boss boss'.

"He hired me and convinced me to leave RTE. Contract wise I am safe at TV3 for the next while. But I will miss him as a person. I'll definitely go over and visit him," she added.

Meanwhile, it's exciting times for Lucy as Late Lunch Live is moving to an evening slot and will be renamed as the Seven O'Clock Show.

"It's a better slot but it is a different audience and a harder audience because you have the soap fans - like myself," she said.

"It is going to be an Irish version of the One Show. It will be tighter than the current show, with celebrity guests and cookery items.


"It will be a more mature show. I can't wait," she added.

However, moving time slots means that her entire work-life schedule is going to change.

"It will be a life change for Jack and Holly.

"This way I won't be going into work until 4.30pm so I can pick them up from school and that but I will be sprinting out of the studio at 8.01pm to make sure I'm back to put the kids to bed," she added.

Lucy (38) was speaking at the launch of a new diet supplement called Forza, which she credits with her recent weight loss.

"I've been doing it for six weeks now and I've lost 10 pounds," she revealed.

"It's a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and taking the supplements.

"It has taken me longer to lose the weight but I'd imagine I'll keep it off for longer as well.

"I feel healthier and lighter and I've lost that bloated full feeling - I feel better on screen," she added.