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How Herald proved a hit at UK TV awards

SOME of Britain's biggest celebrities were treated to a look at the Herald .

This newspaper featured in a clip at the star-studded British National Television Awards ceremony, thanks to a funny headline and Dara O Briain.

As one of the most anticipated events on the UK's social calendar, it was a night to remember, and the audience was given a look at the Evening Herald.

Irish comedian Dara, who hosts BBC's Mock The Week, was nominated in the Best Entertainment Show category, and when the nominees were called out, they showed one of the programme's funniest clips of the year.

Last July, panellists from Mock The Week commented on a Herald story about the programme host, Dara O Briain, and the health benefits of having a big head. And clearly regarded as one of the show's best moments of the year, this clip was shown at last night's prestigious ceremony.

Dara, who didn't win, wasn't in the least offended about the clip chosen by the awards programme. He tweeted from the ceremony: "Ah, they used the 'Large Head' clip. Nice to see that when Mock breaks the big time, they used my so-called giant skull as a battering ram".

But the modest comedian admitted that he didn't expect a gong, tweeting: "I'm going to the awards to see Mock not win Best Entertainment show. Nice to be in the running though etc etc."