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Hotshot Rhys Meyers quits The Tudors


TUDORS: Jonathan Rhys Meyers plans to quit the series

TUDORS: Jonathan Rhys Meyers plans to quit the series

TUDORS: Jonathan Rhys Meyers plans to quit the series

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is planning to hang up his crown by quitting hit Hollywood show The Tudors .

Despite achieving enormous success with the show, the Cork born actor will finish out the current series but has already decided he will not return whether a new run is scheduled or not.

A source close to the star said: "Jonathan has decided he's going to quit The Tudors. He'll stay around to record the next season but he won't be doing any more after that.

"He's really enjoyed playing King Henry VIII and having the opportunity to work in Ireland again but he feels it's time to go." The Hollywood star will jet off to Paris this week to shoot his latest blockbuster From Paris With Love alongside John Travolta.

Our source told the Herald: "Jonathan is delighted because he's landed the lead role. His character is much bigger than Travolta's so it's great news for him. It's confirmation that he's really made it, there's no stopping him now."

He will remain in Paris for the next 11 weeks while filming his latest project.

And with a $55m budget and a script that centres on an embassy employee and an American covert agent who become involved in a high-stakes mission, it's sure to be a box office hit. To celebrate, the actor hit the town this weekend alongside his new The Tudors co-star Joss Stone.

They were spotted enjoying a farewell drink in members only bar, Residence, on Saturday.


According to one onlooker: "They were there with another friend and seemed to be just out for a quiet drink. They were at a discreet corner table and appeared to be getting on very well and having a great laugh together."

However, the superstars didn't have much time to catch up, with Jonathan causing a stir with the ladies.

"People were walking past him on their way to the bathroom and then when they saw who it was they just stopped dead in their tracks.

"He was mobbed by girls all night and had a constant swarm of people coming up to talk to him."

Singer Joss will make her debut in the period drama in the upcoming third series. She plays Anne of Cleves.

And while the celeb pair play lovers onscreen, it seems there will be no romance off camera, as Jonathan has spoken of his love for his long term girlfriend Reena Hammer.