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Holly set to be The Voice host

Holly Willoughby is being lined up as a presenter for the BBC's new talent show The Voice, which is viewed as a rival to The X Factor.

She is understood to have been in "advanced talks" with the corporation and has already stepped down from her role on ITV1's Dancing On Ice and will be replaced by Christine Bleakley.

Willoughby is expected to be confirmed in her new role -- which would be her first major show for the BBC -- next week.

Faster than the

speed of light

Scientists are becoming more confident they will be able to contradict Einstein's assertion that nothing can travel faster than light, after carrying out another test.

Italian physicists first made the startling claim in September but have now repeated an adapted version of their experiment, which produced the same result.

The test suggests sub-atomic particles called neutrinos can break the barrier of 168,282 miles per second.

Gifts for duped Superman fan

A Superman fan who lost his massive collection of memorabilia to a conman has been sent new items by people across the world.

Mike Meyer (48) of Granite City, Illinois was tricked out of his collection of thousands of comics and action figures by Gerry Armbruster, who was jailed for six years.