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Holby doc Rosie has own medical drama as her baby Beau is born

TV doctor Rosie Marcel had a medical drama of her own when she gave birth to her daughter Beau last month.

The actress, who plays surgeon Jac Naylor in Holby City, even had the show's theme tune in the background in the operating theatre.

She told Hello! Magazine: "Beau's birth wasn't really like an episode of Holby City - not much!"

The star, who had a caesarean because of a rare blood disorder, said she was not a model patient.


She said: "Beau's hand and foot came out first and the surgeon had to turn her around to bring her out. It was pretty violent.

"Apparently I was very inappropriate and was shouting for drugs and screaming blue murder."

She told the magazine there was a lighter moment when her consultant "walked into the operating theatre with the music from Holby playing in his pocket".

The actress, who plans to breastfeed, says she will cover up in public but warned anyone trying to stop her would see the steely side of her character from the show.

She said: "We all have a right to breastfeed and if anyone asks me to leave a restaurant, they'll get the Jac Naylor side of me."