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Hidden city gems to be revealed in offbeat TV series

THE hidden sights of Dublin are set to be revealed in a new documentary by Sky Atlantic.

City Secrets plans to delve into the underground aspects of various cities across Ireland and the UK.

Filming in Dublin, which takes place next month, will see presenter Alan Cumming unveil some of Dublin's less famous landmarks.

"We don't want to cover the classic tourist spots, we want to look at more underground, niche aspects," Aimee Johnston of TwoFour told the Herald.

"What we really want to do is scratch beneath the surface and find unique parts of the city and interesting people that are harder to find, or interesting facts that are lesser known," said Ms Johnston.


"The aim of the programme is to make Dublin look as appealing as possible and to paint the city in a really positive light. We're looking for interesting people, quirky stories, beautiful obscure buildings and hidden parts of the city," Ms Johnston added.

"Ideally we want our presenter Alan to embark on a kind of a tour of the city, looping back around by the end."

Filming begins on April 28. Anyone with information on a quirky piece of Dublin is recommended to email TwoFour at enquiries@twofour.co.uk The series will be screened on Sky Atlantic in early July.