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Herald at home with X Factor's Janet

X FACTOR sensation Janet Devlin invited the Herald into her home during an emotional family reunion this week.

The 17-year-old, who jetted in on her first trip back to Ireland in almost three months, was in town as a special guest for the turning on of her native Omagh's Christmas lights.

The redhead, who was collected from Belfast airport by her mum Patricia (47) in a luxurious silver limousine hired by the producers of the TV show, had the Herald over for a cup of tea.

Patricia said it was fantastic for her and her husband to have their daughter back for a night.

"It's brilliant to have her home, it's been very tough without her around," she said.

"It's surreal to take Janet to the turning on of the lights, because we used to take her as a child, it's weird to watch her be the one doing it."

But Janet's proud parents, find it no surprise that she has become a national sensation.

"We always knew she was talented so it's no news to us, the only difference is now that instead of singing her songs around the house, now we're hearing her sing on the telly," said her dad Aquinas.


The construction lecturer said that the X Factor experience has been completely "life-changing" for the Devlin family and that they fully support Janet's ambitions.

The 47-year-old insists that his family have "never been happier" than to see her dreams come true.

"Like any parent all you want is the best for her and she's doing so well," he said.

"She'll stick with what she wants to do, but her education is plan B for the moment.

"If her progressing means her being away from home, we'll support that. We miss her at home, but as long as she's happy, we're happy," he added.

Eager to make the most of her free time, Janet paid an emotional visit to her late grandfather Michael's grave, before calling in to local businesses and reuniting with her boyfriend Brendan Sally (17) and best friend Megan Sweeney (17) over dinner.

Although she admitted to having a severe case of the jitters about taking to the stage in front of 10,000 from her local community, Janet was welcomed with booming applause.