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Henson cries at reunion with young son after Arctic trek

Rugby player Gavin Henson survived a series of terrifying challenges in the Arctic for a new reality show -- only to be reduced to tears when he finally got home.

The Welsh international, who has two children, Ruby and Dexter, with his ex, Charlotte Church, said he risked his life filming the ITV1 show 71 Degrees North where contestants brave the freezing temperatures of northern Norway.


He said: "I pushed myself to the limit on everything and I risked my life seven or eight times maybe. When you want to win, you do crazy things."

With temperatures as low as -30C, several contestants and crew came down with hypothermia and frostbite, but Henson kept a brave face through it all until he was reunited with his family.

He said: "When I left, Dexter wasn't really walking and then I came back and saw him in a hotel room and he shouted my name 'daddy' and ran across the room.

"That was unbelievable and I felt I'd been away too long. I hadn't cried since I was 17 and I broke my leg but that drove me to tears."

The rugby player is one of 10 celebrities taking part in the series which sees them try to swim, ski, trek and climb their way across the icy landscape to the Arctic Circle.

Each week they were split into two teams to compete against each other with the winners getting a night in the comfort of a luxury cabin while the losers brave sub-zero temperatures in a tent.

Along the way they are voted out one by one as the contestants decide who should go home.

The show, presented by Gethin Jones and Kate Thornton, promised to push the celebrities, including GMTV's Andrew Castle, Shane Richie and Footballers' Wives star Susie Amy, to their limits.


But despite the dangers the only person who got injured was Thornton.

She said: "I fell over outside the hotel trying to get reception on my phone.

"I fractured my ribs and ended up in hospital having X-rays and all that and had to get strapped up."