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Helping hand

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA: Channel 4, 10pm There's a Caribbean feel to tonight's programme as Ramsay (below) is in California helping an ailing Jamaican restaurant find its place on the culinary map.

The owner, Dr Una Morris, double jobs at her eatery and a nearby radiotherapy clinic. The prognosis isn't good and Ramsay prescribes unpalatable medicine for the business.

wake-up call

Real Sleeping Beauty

BBC1, 10.35pm It's what most teenagers can only dream about -- getting to spend as long as they want asleep in bed. But 16-year-old Louisa Ball sees it differently -- she suffers from a rare condition called Kleine-Levin syndrome that causes her to nod off for up to two weeks at a time! It's making her life a living hell -- can anything be done to wake her from this nightmare?


Undercover Boss

Channel 4, 9pm Poundworld director Martyn Birks becomes a member of the shop-floor staff at one of his own discount stores. The retail chain went through a period of expansion during the credit crunch, but he's now trying to find out why so many of his workers pack up and leave with very little notice.


The Sex Education Show

Channel 4, 8pm Pupils at one London school are given a lesson to remember as presenter Anna Richardson graphically describes the three stages of pregnancy to them.

Plus, young Jewish men describe the unique coming-of-age difficulties they must confront.