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Has Caroline boobed as just 125,000 watch her return?

Caroline Morahan's first TV outing in six months scored an average of a mere 125,000 viewers, the Herald can reveal.

The Dublin-born presenter has jumped ship from RTE to TV3 after coming back from LA to join forces with wacky plastic surgeon Dr Robert Rey in a new programme about going under the knife.

The Cosmetic Show: What A Load of Botox, which showed explicit footage of everything from penis enlargements to two Irish sisters having breast augmentations, met with a decidedly mixed reaction.

Slimmed-down Caroline, a former Off The Rails presenter, was described in reviews as having an "uninterested attitude" which made for a "lacklustre result against the show's magazine-style format" and added how she "failed to sparkle".

Although the first episode scored an all-time high of 192,000, this is only half of what its top-ratings shows like The Apprentice usually pull in for the station. A TV3 spokeswoman insisted the programme had "done very well" for them.

"It is a very much talked about show at the moment -- it's a real water-cooler programme," she said. "Whether you love it or hate it, you're still talking about it. Caroline did a great job. We're delighted she has come on board."

She also defended the show from criticism that it advocates plastic surgery as a fix-all solution to people's problems.

"Not at all. We're in the 21st-century now and cosmetic surgery is part of the norm now," she said.